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The Weiss & Votsch Green Mode

Most testing labs want to use as little electricity as possible while still achieving great test specifications.

Votsch and Weiss chambers have always consumed less power than their competitor’s machines but in recent years power consumption has become more critical. To this end they have introduced their Green Mode chambers. Not only are their systems designed with energy savings built in as standard by using high efficiency motors and refrigeration systems but now the software saves you more.

Green Mode icon

In the thermal shock machines if the time spent in one of the thermal zones (dwell time) is long the heaters or the compressors turn off to save power and automatically turn back on in time before needed to be ready to receive the cradle at the required temperature.

In the Stress chambers when you only need to cool to -20° C or higher or during humidity control (Climate control) the low cooling compressor turns off and the air cooling is controlled by the pre-cooling compressor with a dedicated heat exchanger (evaporator). Running only one compressor has obvious savings which are maximised the longer the dwell times.

Electricity savings can be as much as 45% with less temperature fluctuations and a lower cooling water consumption.

DACTEC offers the Green Mode on many of our products.

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