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Test in-house or outsource to a testing house?

Customers who produce items, whether they be pieces of electronics, medical devices, drugs, packaging, etc, usually need to test them to the relevant standards. This can be done by one of the independent Testing Labs in Ireland or sent abroad. See: or as excellent examples of independent Irish Testing Labs. The other option is to obtain the space, facilities, equipment, staff and know how to test in-house.

Votsch Testing Chamber

We list below the advantages of both options:

Sending Samples to Testing Labs

  1. This avoids the capital investment of an in-house lab with attendant requirements such as space, staff, training, energy expenditure, calibration.
  2. The Testing Labs regularly know more about the details of the Standards than the manufacturer may need to know.
  3. If a new testing requirement arises the Testing Lab often can supply that service.
  4. If greater capacity is required the Testing Lab can regularly accommodate it.
  5. Accredited independent test labs like Anecto and Tyndall must always give impartial, factual test results and will offer experienced advice for optimising product and packaging.

Testing In-House

  1. Savings can be made by not having to pay external testing.
  2. Why not look at the leasing option from DACTEC Ltd? Contact Dave on 0872370674.
  3. Shipping costs can by high especially for repeat testing of failed samples that must return for reworking and if cold chain shipping is required for Pharma products.
  4. Time, and so costs, can be saved if your samples fail. Getting them back to rework them where the expertise is and sending them off to be tested again can be expensive due to the delays entailed.
  5. As the manufacturer’s site is where the in-depth product knowledge is, it can be advantageous to test there.
  6. The compliance of the tests are the manufacturer’s responsibility. They need only be concerned about their own adherence to the Standards.

DACTEC and Votsch have found that some of our customers are using a mix of both approaches. They do the testing in-house that they need most often, especially if it requires a reasonable investment. The more expensive, infrequent, long-term or unusual tests they get done externally.

We sell Votsch testing chambers and can advise you. Contact Dave on 087 237 0674, or through our Contact Page.

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